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Episode Summary

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Episode Notes

If you care about a multiracial democracy and if you believe that public schools are an important piece of this work, we need your support. This has been a volunteer effort and as our podcast is growing, and our desire to tell more stories and tell them better has grown, our costs have gone up. We aren't interested in trying to sell you toothbrushes in the middle of our episodes, and we'd like to find new ways to engage with you, our listeners. And so, we hope the Patreon platform will allow us to do that.

Our hope is to cover the costs of hosting, remote recording software, and promotion, while also creating a new space to engage with you. We have a lot planned from monthly zoom meeting happy hours, to a Podcast Club, but we also want to hear what you want. What would add value to these conversations for you? What would help you engage more deeply? Join our Patreon, and let us know.

Also, thanks to Andrew Grant-Thomas.  Please check out Embrace Race and the important work they are doing.  

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