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ICYMI: Seeing White (BONUS)

Episode Summary

In 2017, Scene On Radio released a series called Seeing White. We're thrilled to bring you some highlights, and some thoughts about how the idea of whiteness impacts discussions of school integration.

Episode Notes

The Duke Center for Documentary Studies produces as podcast called Scene On Radio. From February to August of 2017, they released a 14 part series called Seeing White. Many discussions of race focus on anyone who isn't white, leaving whiteness as the default, or the norm. This series, as they say, turns the lens around to look at whiteness directly - what does it mean? where did it come from?

We are thrilled to present some highlights from their series here, with some additional discussion of how these topics relate more directly to school integration. We highly recommend listening to the entire series, as we think it holds incredibly important lessons about race, about America, and about how we might move forward as a country.

As a disclaimer, in editing together this episode, we have left behind a lot of the context, and while the ideas speak for themselves, at times, they may feel like a pretty bit leap. If you feel yourself questioning the arguments they are making, we suggest listening to the full series to get the entire context.

Huge thanks to Scene on Radio and John Biewen for allowing us to use their content.

You can find Scene on Radio on Twitter at @SceneOnRadio.
Dr. Chengerai Kumanyika is @catchatweetdown.

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