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Ep20 - Amanda Lewis on Desegregation Without Integration (BvB@65)

Episode Summary

Amanda Lewis joins us to discuss the legacy of Brown v Board, and how the stories we tell about it, allow even our most desegregated schools to continue to impact kids in very racialized ways.

Episode Notes

Amanda Lewis (Despite the Best Intentions: How Racial Inequality Thrives in Good Schools, co-authored with John Diamond) joins us for this third episode of our Brown v. Board at 65: The Stories We Tell Ourselves series. Dr. Lewis’s research takes her to a school that is desegregated on paper but segregated within the building. It is a school, like many, with “race neutral” policies that hide the very real racialized practices in the building. Add to that a dose of opportunity hoarding, and equitable policies become very difficult to institute. Brown v. Board focused on desegregating schools rather than integrating classrooms, but the story we tell about it is that it ended our racist school policies. While that may feel good, our “good intentions” do not absolve us from the impact of our actions.

And, if you're in Seattle, be sure to check out BvB @65: Seattle's School Segregation Story, put on by the Seattle Chapter of Integrated Schools.

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