The Integrated Schools Podcast

Ep 16 - Too Bad, Just Fine, and Whiteness Centered

Episode Summary

We grapple with some of the issues around centering whiteness in this work, as well as discussing whether a school is ever "too bad" and what it means for your kid to be "just fine".

Episode Notes

In this episode we bring Anna back to grapple with a few things that have been on our minds of late. We discuss the David Kirkland episode (Ep. 14 -- be sure to listen if you haven’t!) and answer some listener questions. Dr. Kirkland cautioned us around the centering of whiteness in the work of integration. We dig in to that, as well as discuss the power of language in this work. Taking on a few listener questions, we grapple with whether a school is ever “too bad” and whether our kids being “just fine” is good enough.

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