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Ep 9 - The Only One (Part 2): SMOG

Episode Summary

Part 2 looks at the experience of being the "Only One" from the perspective of adults who were "Only Ones" - one white, and one black. We discuss how race makes that experience different, and how that experience is ever present, even in adulthood.

Episode Notes

Last week we talked about the fear we often hear around your kid being the "Only One" from the perspective of parents with kids who are currently in that position. In this episode, we look at it a little differently. Andrew looks back on his experience as the Only One white kid in his elementary school in a conversation with Erin, who reflects upon her experiences as the Only One black kid in her schools. The discussion, as adults with the perspective of time, highlights the ways that race impacts that experience, and the ways that having been through that experience continue to affect them both as adults.

This will be our last episode before the holidays. We'll be taking a few weeks off, and coming back in late January. We've got a bunch of great episodes in the works, but if there's something you want to hear, let us know!

Wishing you all happy holidays and we'll see you back next year!

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