The Integrated Schools Podcast

Between We and They: A School Integration Story (Part 1)

Episode Summary

Race, parenting, and privilege. This 5-part series will explore how our choices about school shape where we belong, who we call “We.” Part 1 - Something feels wrong at the "good" school.

Episode Notes

Beth is a mom of two grappling with race, parenting and her own privilege in America. Looking back over the past year, we follow Beth as she learns how the choices she makes for her daughters’ schooling shapes how she lives in her city… where she belongs, who she calls “WE.” 


In Part 1 - Something feels very wrong… Beth wonders about her choice to send her two kids to the highly sought after school in her neighborhood. What does it mean for one family to make a different kind of decision?


Music in this episode by Blue Dot Sessions.

This series was produced by Courtney Mykytyn and Andrew Lefkowits.

Audio editing and mixing by Andrew Lefkowits