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Ep 21 - Beyond Black and White with David Hinojosa (BvB@65)

Episode Summary

Part 4 of our Brown v Board at 65 series pushes back on the narrative that desegregation is solely about black and white kids. David Hinojosa helps us better understand the Latinx perspective on integration from before Brown through today.

Episode Notes

For the fourth episode in our Brown v. Board at 65: The Stories We Tell Ourselves series, we talk with Civil Rights attorney David Hinojosa. School segregation is too often painted as binary issue between black and white people; learning other histories shows that this is far from true. Complicating the picture of what preceded and came as a result of Brown v. Board, David shares a history lesson on the segregation of Latinx communities across the US since the late 1800s. We discuss the politics of race and language, the importance of shared experiences and the deep fights for educational justice that continue to this day.

-San Antonio Independent School District v. Rodriguez
-Richard Valencia
-The Lemon Grove Incident
-Mendez v. Westminster
-Hernandez v. Texas
-Santamaria v. Dallas ISD
-Patricia Gandara on the triple segregation of Latinx people

And, if you're in Seattle on May 16thh, be sure to check out BvB @65: Seattle's School Segregation Story, put on by the Seattle Chapter of Integrated Schools.

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